LX800 Label Printer driver downloads and firmware upgrades

LX800 Downloads

Operator's Manual

Updated 02-02-05
491 KB
LX800 Manual
Updated 08-17-05
1.58 MB

Printer Driver

Updated 03-06-2007
1.52 MB
LX800 version 1.1 (Mac)
Updated 8-17-2005
5.53 MB
Once the file is downloaded and extracted to the c:\LX800Driver folder, read the Installation Instructions.txt located in the same folder for specific instructions. The special instructions will indicate if the firmware also needs to be updated.

Firmware Upgrades

Important - Versions lower than 2.01 cannot be updated!
245 KB

Software Updates

Updated 08-17-2006
15.79 MB

Knowledge Base

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